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Shellout plugin for GIMP and NIK Collection

this is the shellout python plugin properly adapted to work with NIK collection.
A specification: HDR efex pro 2 apparently does not work. It is not true at all. HDR efex pro 2 works, but it does not return the worked layer back to GIMP, as it elaborates 2 images: a base and an HDR filtered image.
There is a little trick for recovering the ‘phantom’ layer: just go to the Documents folder and search for the last modified tiff file named ShellOutTempFile_HDR. Open it and check it out… it is the lost layer. Just drag it into GIMP, it will be placed above the other levels. (In GIMP 2.8.16 you might be warned that the image you are dragging into is a 16 bit depth. Ignore it and proceed. Convert when asked for and you are done).

download it here

Download “shellout plugin for NIK” – Downloaded 7625 times – 2 KB


If you want to do it yourself, download the original plugin from plugin registry shellout
and add the following code

["DFine 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Dfine 2\\Dfine2.exe\"", "png"],
["Sharpener Pro 3", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Sharpener Pro 3\\SHP3OS.exe\"", "png"],
["Viveza 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Viveza 2\\Viveza 2.exe\"", "png"],
["Color Efex Pro 4", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Color Efex Pro 4\\Color Efex Pro 4.exe\"", "jpg"],
["Analog Efex Pro 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Analog Efex Pro 2\\Analog Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "jpg"],
["HDR Efex Pro 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\HDR Efex Pro 2\\HDR Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "jpg"],
["Silver Efex Pro 2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Silver Efex Pro 2\\Silver Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "jpg"],

Some videos….

Below some tutorials on how to install NIK collection and how to connect NIK to GIMP



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