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Darktable 2.0 for Windows – Overview

A quick overview upon Darktable, the image processing program Open Source suitable for photographers, usually available in Linux distros, now compiled for Windows systems as well. This release was tested on Windows 10 and it demonstrated to be solid and stable (no crashes so far – I’ve been using it for a month). It works fine on RAW formats and also on other common formats. Darktable is a perfect tool in photography and is a true alternative to Adobe Lightroom (I find it better than Lightroom, because in Darktable you have the capability to choose and work with your favourite commands, avoiding to wander among unknown commands). Darktable for windows comes out from the mighty skills of a brave volunteer who compiled the source code for windows 64bits: I’m talking about Partha and you can visit his site and download freely Darktable for windows 64bits. The photographer now can rely on a good alternative.

Download link: 

Download “darktable for windows” – Downloaded 2371 times – 29 MB



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